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Thronmax enters Australian and New Zealand markets

Professional audio equipment brand Thronmax from Europe enters the markets of Australia and New Zealand with a wide range of microphones, webcams, headphones and accessories.

Thronmax, one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of professional audio products, launches a high-quality and economical range of microphones, webcams, headphones and accessories in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The company claims to give you everything you need to start your career as a successful content creator.

Thronmax: Microphone range

Thronmax Fireball 48Khz/16Bit

Thronmax MDrill One 48Khz

Thronmax MDrill One Studio Kit 48Khz

Thronmax MDrill One Pro 96Khz

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Kit 96Khz

Thronmax MDrill Zero 48Khz

Thronmax MDrill Zero Plus 96Khz

Thronmax MDrill Zone XLR Microphone with Shock Mount Bundle

Thronmax Pulse 96Khz with Noise Cancellation

Thronmax: Accessories

Thronmax Metal Shock Mount

Thronmax Pop Filter

Thronmax S1 Caster Boom Stand (USB-C)

Thronmax S2 Caster Boom Stand (XLR)

Thronmax Zoom Microphone Stand

Thronmax X60 Premium XLR Cable (6 M)

Thronmax: Webcams

Thronmax StreamGo 1080P Webcam

Thronmax Stream Go X1 Pro 1080P Webcam with Tripod

Thronmax: Headphones

Thronmax THX-20 USB Headset

Thronmax THX-50 DJ Studio and Streaming Headphones

Thronmax: Products best suited for

Thronmax designs and engineers recording tools, music accessories for consumers, musicians, YouTubers, podcast enthusiasts and gamers.

Thronmax products have a stylish design, are easy to operate and can be used at live concerts on stage or in garages, home studios or rehearsal rooms to improve recording quality.

About Thronmax

Thronmax is a European owned and operated audio company. It is a leading manufacturer of professional audio products for the music recording, broadcast, post-production and streaming markets.

Thronmax offers one of the best types of condenser microphone solutions, which are sold in 70 countries.

The company has invested more than a million dollars in precision machines and has an international team of more than 50 employees worldwide.

Thronmax has a main campus in Hong Kong, offices in Shenzhen and Dongguan in China and one in New Jersey in the United States.

Thronmax: Products availability

The range of equipment is available on Macgear, as well as on the JBL and Amazon websites.

Australia: macgear.com.au I jbhifi.com.au I amazon.com.au

New Zealand: macgear.co.nz



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