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iHeartRadio announces groundbreaking binaural podcasts with iHeart 3D Audio

iHeartMedia's new 3D audio effort for binaural podcasting, which will offer listeners a 3D audio for a more lifelike experience.

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iHeartRadio, publisher of the world's number one podcast.

iHeartRadio, publisher of the world's number one podcast content, today announced iHeart 3D Audio. The company announced this new iHeart 3D Audio alongside its plan to branch out into binaural podcasting, which will offer listeners a 3D experience, at least when they listen to the shows using headphones.

iHeartRadio promises to "put listeners in the middle of an audio soundscape and immerse them in stories like never before."

iHeart 3D Audio: What's special

The binaural, or 3D sound, creates a sense of movement, location and activates other senses, improving listening quality and giving people a new way to hear high-quality surround sound, immersive content and play real-world experiences, much like virtual reality.

This type of audio experience is especially welcome for theatrical productions, such as podcasts, which tell fictional stories with sound effects.

iHeart 3D Audio: Sample

iHeartRadio has released this audio sample to promote it. "Put your headphones on," the company says.

iHeart 3D Audio: Podcast network

As part of this new paradigm, iHeartMedia aims to develop its podcast network by providing a multifaceted at-home listening experience for more fulfilling entertainment.

iHeart Media has announced a new slate of podcasts, backed by its own recording technology, through iHeart 3D Audio. Binaural audio is recorded using two microphones that record from different positions simultaneously.

iHeart 3D Audio: Upcoming podcast series

Building on the success of iHeartMedia and Blumhouse Television's previously launched binaural audio series "13 Days of Halloween," which thrilled more than 2.8 million listeners, iHeartMedia, in collaboration with renowned author, creator and producer Aaron Mahnke, will release a seasonally focused "13 Days" franchise of podcasts that correlate with several major holidays.

The new iHeart 3D audio list will also include the upcoming podcast "The Mantawauk Caves", a co-production with Blumhouse Television, as well as a series of 3D episodes for hit shows like "The Ron Burgundy Podcast".

iHeart 3D Audio: Podcast distribution

iHeartRadio Podcast screenshots
iHeartMedia's new iHeart 3D audio podcasts will be distributed by the iHeartPodcast network.

iHeartMedia's new iHeart 3D audio podcasts will be distributed by the iHeartPodcast network, which stores more than 750 original podcasts with over 253 million downloads per month.

iHeartRadio Original podcasts cover all categories, from business, sports, spirituality and technology to entertainment, family, comedy and true crime - and everything in between - and make iHeartRadio the world's largest publisher of podcast content.

About iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia, Inc. specializes in radio broadcasting through division iHeartMedia (sans "Inc." suffix; formerly Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, Clear Channel Radio, et al.) and subsidiary iHeartMedia and Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.); the company owns more than 850 full-power AM and FM radio stations in the U.S., making it the country's largest owner of radio stations. The company has also been involved in internet radio and podcasting via the digital platform iHeartRadio (from which the company derives its current name).