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Burmester B38 high-end floorstanding loudspeakers announced

In honor of the company's founder, Dieter Burmester, Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH announced the B38 floorstanding speakers.

Burmester B38 high-end floorstanding loudspeakers image1.

The new Burmester B38 loudspeakers come from the family of successful B-series speakers (Burmester B71 speakers). These new B38 speakers and other promising new products, including music centers, power amplifiers and a new vinyl turntable, were announced to mark the 75th anniversary of Late Dieter Burmester, the company's founder.

Dieter Burmester Black & White image while working in office.

Closely related visually and acoustically to the Burmester B18 speaker, the larger B38 benefits from the elegant shapes as well as the acoustic principle, which, with its significantly expanded volume, knows how to inspire even more than the smaller model.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Design

Burmester B38 high-end floorstanding loudspeakers in white matt color.

The Burmester B38 is a 3-way design with a powerful side-firing woofer provided in order to achieve a slim and elegant design that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of living environments and at the same time impresses with high pulses and powerful bass reproduction.

The design is optimized in terms of purist elegance. This can be seen, among other things, in the screwless integrated loudspeaker front panel, the appearance of which highlights the slim shape of the loudspeaker even better.

The aluminum front rounds off the look of the loudspeaker with high-quality paint work in matt lacquer or selected veneers.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: New AMT tweeter

Burmester B38 loudspeaker's new AMT tweeter image.

An Air-Motion-Transformer (AMT for short) with a folded sheet membrane in the middle of a very strong magnetic field is used for the first time in the B38 enclosure and impresses with its exceptional clarity, transparency and speed, as well as its superior level stability.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Mid-range transducer

The 17 cm low-midrange driver with fiber-glass membrane has been optimized, among other things, with regard to particularly short attack and release times. With its acoustic properties, this component reaches a new level of authenticity in the reproduction of vocals and instruments.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Woofer

The woofer's large high-lift 32cm paper sandwich membrane is driven by a very strong neodymium magnet. This allows for a powerful, crisp and precise bass reproduction to the lowest frequencies. The result is a 37 Hz – 33 kHz quoted frequency response with crossovers at 150 Hz and 2400 Hz. Sensitivity at 2.83 V/1m is listed as 86 dB. This gives a rousing and rich bass reproduction, even at low to high levels, which completes the musical experience.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Housing

Burmester B38 loudspeaker low-midrange 17 cm driver image.

The housing, which has been optimized using the Finite Element Method (FEM), is equipped with elaborate stiffeners to ensure accurate reproduction of the bass. The double-layered side wall with a stainless-steel ring for additional attachment of the bass chassis increases the rigidity of the construction and thus promotes the strength and stability of the housing construction.

In order to decoupling the housing from the floor, an accurate spring quality damping system is used, which has been proven in B18 and adjusted accordingly.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Sound settings

The Burmester B38 speaker offers two different options for adjusting the sound experience separately, which can significantly reduce the room influences. The two-stage switch on the rear wall of the housing reduces the broadband bass of 1-3 dB between 150 Hz and 37 Hz.

In addition, a porous foam bung can be fully or partially inserted into the bass reflex tube to further increase the bass reproduction to suit the room situation or personal listening preferences.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Bi-amping

Burmester B38 floorstanding loudspeakers in room.

The B38 offers the ability to connect two power amplifiers to one loudspeaker (Bi-amping). In the classic mode of working with one amplifier, high-quality connection bridges made of gold-plated, oxygen-free copper connect the copper terminals with the same material properties. Thus, unwanted contact resistance is almost completely eliminated.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Price & Availability

Burmester B38 floorstanding loudspeakers are now available from Burmester dealers in Black Matt, White Matt, American Walnut and Medium Grey. Prices start at £16,800 (18,900) per pair.

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Specifications

Principle: 3-way bass reflex

Weight: 51.5 kg

Width/Height/Depth: 210 mm, 1165 mm, 460 mm

Rated load capacity DIN EN 60268-5: 225 W

Sensitivity at 2.83 V/1m: 86 dB

Nominal impedance: 4 Ω

Frequency range +/- 3dB: 37 Hz – 33000 Hz

Tweeter: Air Motion Transformer

Mid-range transducer: 17 cm with fiber-glass membrane

Woofer: 32 cm with paper sandwich membrane

Transfer frequencies: 150 Hz / 2400 Hz

Burmester B38 loudspeaker: Reviews

Let's quickly move over to classical music: Here, the B38 knows excellently how to convince even those who don't like it of the beauty this genre has, for example when the "Concierto de Aranjuez" is played. The fine dynamics demanded here are offered by the Burmester with confidence, in a way that even excites hardened and experienced fans of hi-fi. stereo-magazine.com