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Audeze announces Euclid planar magnetic earbuds

The Audeze Euclid high-end wireless earbuds are here with some serious audiophile specs.

Audeze, the premium audio technology company, announces the release of an in-ear version of its high-quality planar magnetic headphones. Dubbed Euclid, these are the first closed-back in-ear Audeze headphones.

Euclid is Audeze's fifth earbud. It is also an extension of the existing LCDi4, LCDi3, iSine 20, and iSine 10. These are audiophile-friendly competitors to the likes of the Apple AirPods and the Sony WF-1000XM3.

Audeze Euclid: Highlights

  • Audeze 18mm Planar Magnetic Drivers

  • Precision milled closed-back aluminum housing

  • MMCX universal cable connectors for easy customization

  • Uniforce Thin film diaphragm

  • Highest dynamic range of any in-ear in its size category

  • Fluxor Magnet design for 110 db/MW efficiency

  • Fazor wave guides

  • Variety of accessories including SpinFit and Comply eartips

  • 3 Year Driver Warranty

What's in the box

  • Euclid in-ear headphones

  • MMCX Braided Cable

  • Pelican 1010 Travel Case

  • Mesh Fabric Bag

  • Assorted Ear Tips

  • Cleaning Brush

  • Cable Clip

  • Certificate of Authenticity

Audeze Euclid: Design

Audeze Euclid high-end wireless earbuds with some serious audiophile specs.

The Audeze Euclid features a closed-back design, lightweight construction and apparently the "highest dynamic range" in its class. Each 7.5g bud boasts a precision-milled aluminum housings with a carbon fiber insert and a slinky matt black finish.

However, unlike the LCD-i3, these earbuds have a closed-back design, so there is no sound leakage.

Audeze Euclid: Fit and Comfort

Euclid are the first closed-back in-ear Audeze headphones.

The Euclid earbuds fit into your ear like normal earbuds so that the wire can wrap around the ear. They’re a little smaller than the iSine (0.5mm vs 0.7mm) and should fit inside most ears more easily. We expect an appropriate level of comfort from the included earplugs made of spin-fit silicone and Comply Foam.

Audeze Euclid: Connectivity

Audeze 18mm Planar Magnetic Drivers.

Besides wireless connectivity, these earbuds can even be used with a wired connection if you prefer, coming with a 3.5mm braided cable and gold-plated MMCX connections – handy if you prefer the security of a wire or the earphones run out of battery.

Audeze Euclid: Sound Quality

Precision milled closed-back aluminum housing.

When it comes to sound quality, Audeze argues that Euclid reduces audible distortion to zero, improving the clarity and accuracy of sound playback. Thanks to the company's patented technologies – Uniforce voice coils and Fazor waveguides – that help to squeeze the maximum performance out of the buds' 18mm planar magnetic drivers.

If that claim came from any other audio company, we'd be very skeptical, but Audeze's previous earbuds have been extremely impressive. Like other Audeze products, Euclid is designed for audiophiles who want the best sound quality from all of their entertainment devices.

"Euclid are Engineered for an incredible 105 dB/mW efficiency and a max SPL well over 120dB", which supposedly gives them "the highest dynamic range of any in-ear in their size category." Sankar Thiagasamudram, Founder & CEO at Audeze

Audeze Euclid: Price & Availability

Euclid has highest dynamic range of any in-ear in its size category.

If you are familiar with Audeze, you already know that it offers premium headphones with premium price tags. These audiophile headphones are available now for $1299 at Audeze.com.

Audeze Euclid: Specifications

Type: In-ear, closed

Transducer: Planar Magnetic

Magnetic structure: Fluxor magnetic system

Magnet type: Neodymium N50

Phase management: Fazor

Membrane type: Ultra-thin Uniforce

Driver size: 18 mm

Maximum sound pressure level:> 120 dB

Frequency response: 10-50,000 Hz

Distortion (THD): <0.1% with 100 dB SPL

Sensitivity: 105 dB / 1 mW (at DRP)

Impedance: 12 ohms

Maximum supported power: 500 mW

Wired connection: MMCX braid

Weight: 15 g / pair without cable

Audeze Euclid: Reviews

The Audeze Euclid is one of the most rounded IEMs I've tested recently. It fails at very little in terms of sound quality. Imaging? No problem, it has one of the best imaging factors in an IEM that I have reviewed with an immensely coherent feeling. Headfonics



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