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Osralz's mission is to inform about innovations and support its readership before, during and after the purchase of Audio Gear. This ideal is a common thread across our editorial proposals, from information to services. At the heart of its DNA, Osralz has precise and expert monitoring of new technology news , responding to a readership for whom breaking news is as important as the developments of journalists to make the world of new technologies understood.


Osralz is proud to be a recommended media. In this area, the tests involve careful comparisons to answer a single question: "Will this product meet my needs?" Osralz is known and recognized for finding the best deals on the Internet through good deals or reviews that meet the expectations of its readers.

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How do we finance Osralz website?


Osralz is a professional media that employs several journalists and designers, and employs numerous external skills to ensure high-quality editorial production. We need to earn money to pay ourselves and allow our team to continue to innovate to serve our readers. Transparency towards our readers is one of our strengths. We have always explained our business model and are always clear in identifying content that generates remuneration. This commitment is part of our DNA and will never change. Below is an explanation of Osralz's different earning methods.


Advertising: Our articles and pages have advertising space. They are marketed by programming internally or marketed through a network of third-party media. These trade agreements are not known to editorial staff: an article about one brand can be advertised by another, as well as a critical article on one topic can host an advertiser on the same subject.

Sponsored content: We offer our multimedia experience, from publishing to design, event and community management, to brands. However, we know that our readers and the associated brands are interested in content being interesting, well-written and truthful: our sponsored articles have editorial requirements as high as editorial staff. For our readers, we clearly mark them everywhere: on the homepage, in the body of the article and on our social networks.

Affiliation: Osralz is recognized for its purchase tips, guides, tests and reviews. When we talk about a product or service, most of the time the link is affiliate: this means that if you make a purchase to the linked merchant after clicking, he/she pays us a small commission. This has no impact on the editorial choices of the editorial team, which is completely free to propose selections that meet the angles of the articles or to poorly rate a bad product. We also work with most online e-commerce merchants, which allows us to offer affiliate links that offer the best price, the best service or both. Affiliate links are identified as such, for transparency reasons.

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